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Personal stuff

We first like to know who you are. So please provide us with some details about yourself.

The only rule to participate is that you are registered at one of the 100 vocational or higher education institutes in The Netherlands. Please tell us yours.

Please note that this journey of a lifetime will be mainly in English.

As a participant in NL MOONSHOTS '24 we will contact you on several occasions and by different meanings. For instance, be prepared to receive some goodies & gadgets and important stuff by snail mail.


Nice to knows - Nice to haves

Participating in NL MOONSHOTS ‘24 means joining in on a rich program of add-ons during 2024. It will help us define the best propositions if we are aware of your situation.

Of course your journey still needs to start, but we take the opportunity to already give you heads up for this biggie: the MOONSHOTS INSPIRATION PARADISE at ESA ESTEC on the 9th of February.


Hi there Pioneer! We are almost there.

As you probably already can imagine, you will not experience this magical journey all by yourself. It will be a sincere team effort. So now is the time to make up your mind about your role in a team. Will you start an own team and let's say invite 3, 4 or 5 more people to join you and start your team’s Moonshot? Perhaps you are already spotted by an existing team with a great Moonshot idea and is this the moment to blend in as an invitee? Or, are you for the moment just looking for a team with a magnificent Moonshot to bring your skills and talents to the table?

If you choose to become a Team Starter, we will ask you some additional questions. Such as to come up with a terrific team name, to formulate really rudimentary your team’s Moonshot and to mention in which of the 5 missions it will best fit. You receive an invitation code to invite your team members.

If you are looking for a team to join, we will be happy to be your matchmaker. Therefore we will need some additional information to help us define the best match.

One more thing ...

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